Advisory Council Announced

May 13, 2019

Mayor Walt Maddox announces the advisory council for Elevate Tuscaloosa.

“The Elevate Tuscaloosa Advisory Council is comprised of citizens who bring a wealth of professional experience, perspective and civic engagement. In the months ahead, this committee will provide wise counsel and guidance to city leaders,” Maddox said. “Adhering to our core beliefs of transparency and accountability, we will work together to seize this generational opportunity to take our community to the next level.”

The council will be co-chaired by Karen Brooks and Chris England. The members are as follows:

Tamika Alexander

Bill Ashley

William Blakeney

Joseph Brown

Leslie Bruinton

Michele Coley

Blake Corder

Terrance Dedrick

Heather Dill

Amy Echols

Rick Freemon

Tyshawn Gardner

David Gay, Jr.

Shelley Jones

Russell Lawrence

Gary Minor

Wilson Moore

Russ Mumper

Jim Page

Tim Parker, Ill

Linda Parsons

Dave Pass

Sarah Patterson

Gene Poole

Tripp Powell

Nicole Prewitt

Steven Rumsey

Don Staley

Jimmy Warren

Sandy Wolfe