Engagement Process

Step 1

If you have a suggestion, concern, or question, complete the form below to contact Elevate staff.

Step 2

Your feedback may be reviewed by the Cultural Arts & Tourism, Connectivity, or Parks & Recreation Subcommittee.

Step 3

The subcommittee will take suggestions, concerns, or questions to the full Advisory Council.

Step 4

The Advisory Council will take suggestions, concerns, or questions to the Mayor.

Step 5

The Mayor may make recommendations to the City Council.

Advisory Council


Click the plus signs below to view co-chairs and members.

  • Brooks, Karen
  • England, Chris
  • Blakeney, William
  • Brown, Joseph
  • Bruinton, Lesley
  • Coley, Michele
  • Corder, Blake
  • Dedrick, Terrance
  • Dill, Heather
  • Echols, Amy
  • Gardner, Tyshawn
  • Gay, Jr., David
  • Jones, Shelley
  • Lawrence, Russell
  • Moore, Wilson
  • Parker III, Tim
  • Parsons, Linda
  • Pass, David 
  • Patterson, Sarah
  • Poole, Gene
  • Powell, Tripp
  • Prewitt, Nicole 
  • Rumsey, Steven
  • Rush, Kelsey
  • Warren, Jimmy 
  • Wolfe, Sandra